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Re: Intent to package bzflag

Erik Andersen <andersen@xmission.com> writes:

> And the new BzFlag license is at:
> 	http://groundhog.pair.com/bzflag/license.html

>From that license file:

[...BSDish terms elided, including an ambiguous distinction between
charging money for copying the software and charging money for selling 
the software...]

Modifications are permitted provided that the following conditions are

[...several restrictive terms elided...]

3. Redistribution and use of modified source and binary forms are
permitted provided that at least one of the following conditions are

B. Use of the modified version is restricted to within the corporation
or organization that made the modifications. 

[...more restrictive terms elided...]

This is far outside the Debian Free Software Guidelines (and of the
terms of use for the "Open Source" trademark, which is liberally
brandished on the program's home page).  I'd be surprised if you could
package the thing without violating its license terms.

Bad license.  Bad license.
Steven Work
Renaissance Labs
360 647-1833

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