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Re: where to move scripts from /etc/rc.boot ?

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 11:12:45PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> The hwtools package contains a simple /etc/rc.boot/hwtools script,
> and the fortcoming policy will mandate its move to another directory.
> I don't know if I understand all of it correctly - the script should move to
> /etc/init.d/hwtools ? Should it be symlinked from /etc/rc?.d/ directories,
> or just from /etc/rcS.d/ ? Is it possible to implement it with debhelper's
> dh_installinit ? Should it end with .sh ? Should it parse its $1 arguments
> like others do, for start|stop|restart|whatever?

Only rcS.d, not rcN.d. I don't know about debhelper. You can do it
with update-rc.d directly though as in

    update-rc.d cnewsclean start 70 S . >/dev/null

You can parse the arguments, I test for 'start' in one.  I don't know
if that's necessary because it should never be called at any other time.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB (ex-VK3TYD). 
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