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Re: Intent to package: pm3

Torsten Landschoff wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 11:21:06PM -0400, Mike Goldman wrote:
> > This is liable to be a *very large* package, at least initially.
> > Eventually, I will break it up into a number of smaller packages.
> I wanted to package this also - I am not sure if I posted an ITP, but if so I
> would like to withdraw it. This package made me crazy and my line is to
> slow... The upstream sources include nearly all the GNU utilities - binutils,
> gdb, gcc and some more.
> I wish you luck generating a package for it - I will use it when it is
> available ;-)

Things look pretty much ready to go.  I had a few lintian problems which
justfied a rebuild this (er, Sunday) afternoon, but I had to leave before it was
quite finished (it takes over an hour).  I won't be able to check on it again
until Monday evening, but if it looks good, it should go out shortly thereafter.

CVSup also builds perfectly, and will go out just as soon as PM3 is accepted
into Potato.  (Since CVSup depends on libpm3, it would be pretty useless to put
it out sooner.)

Note that the gdb in PM3 is a special version which recognizes Modula-3 code
(naturally).  Source archive is around 28MB, though.  :)

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