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Re: Working for Debian is not just about packages

At around Sun, 1 Aug 1999 08:40:08 +1000,
 Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> may have mentioned:

> the textmode /usr/bin/info info-browser is probably the worst
> documentation browser program i've ever had the misfortune to use.


> abysmal user interface, clumsy to use, it never does what you expect,
> and the search facility is next to useless.

would you care to elaborate on these points in more detail?  what do
you mean by 'absymal', 'clumsy', 'never does what you expect', and
'search facility is next to useless'?  are there specific ways in
which it could be improved that you can suggest?  i am not saying i
disagree (or agree) -- took me a while to get used to info (and info
mode in emacs) -- i'm curious about specifics.

> there are some nicer alternatives, however:


>   - pinfo is an excellent text-mode info-browser.  it can browse man pages
>     too.  keybindings are reasonable, but i'd personally like them to be
> 	more like 'less'.

hey, this is pretty nice!  looking through the man page for it :-) i 
noticed it seems possible to customize the keybindings.  has anyone done 
this?  in particular, has anyone done this to get the keybindings to be more
'less' or 'emacs'?

as a complete digression, has there ever been any talk of allowing
keybindings to be customized in dselect?  (perhaps this is not
something i should ask :-) )

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