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ITP: xtux, bmud, koth

I intend to package the following small games:

* bmud, a small GTK mud client
It is written by Erik Greenwald <br0ke@math.smsu.edu>
It is GPLed: http://shells.clipboard.com/~br0ke/bmud.html

* koth, a GGI networking game similar to the DOS classic Tank Wars
It is written by Peter Amstutz <tetron@student.umass.edu>
GPLed, of course: http://www-unix.oit.umass.edu/~tetron/koth/

* X-Tux, a nice game featuring Tux and Beastie
Written by David Lawrence <philaw@camtech.net.au>
GPLed. http://www.adelaide.net.au/~philaw/

I agreed with Erik and Peter not to upload their packages too early,
because some new versions are due to come soon.

I also intend to package GTetrinet, but I haven't contacted the
author yet. Moreover, he already did a debian package, so maybe he
has plans to become a Debian developer, too. I'll check that with

Samuel Hocevar <sam@via.ecp.fr> - http://www.via.ecp.fr/~sam/
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