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Re: Sponsorship: news and questions about the maintainer field

Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Yes. But I have more sponsor than future maintainers (willing to
> participate) ... BTW, those who thinks that sponsor are unuseful
> are wrong.

Please put me on your list of people wanting sponsors (but 
I don't have anything ready to upload yet).  Previously you'd said:

> When you have a package ready, send a mail to all the sponsors with an URL 
> where we can find your work, one of the sponsor will check it, will
> suggest you enhancement ... when the sponsor thinks that your package is
> ready, he will upload it for you.

so that's what I plan to do.  I've gotten along OK, just using the
list, documentation, and communicating with various maintainers, but
I like the idea of having a sponsor; if you'd like to assign me one
I have my packages ready to upload, please do.


> Cheers,
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