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ITP: Perl Object Development System


I just saw the following announced on the perl-xml list and
thought it might be an interesting addition to Debian.



Hi there,

I'm posting this here, because I believe our Perl development
environment will be of interest to Perl-XML afficionados.

The Perl Object Development System is made available as "Free Software"
within the terms of the GPL (see FSF.ORG). We would really appreciate
feedback and anything that can make this a robust way to build Perl
(it's pretty good already with syntax check on save code, automatic
archiving, program through a browser, editor written in the development
environment itself).

You can read about it and download it from
<http://www.castlelink.co.uk/object_system/>, total size about 70k
before detar about 177k after.

You will need a Linux/Apache/Perl environment probably - unless you like
hacking about with Perl (hang on - I guess you do...)

There is an XML library included which we use to store and retrieve data
objects which are 'topologically' a superset of XML.
In other words, you can easily express any XML document preserving all
structure as required by XML (ie. not preserving order of attributes or
whitespace between them).
There are from_stream and as_stream functions in the XML library which
are not brilliant at parsing 'true XML docs', but not bad.

This is _not_ an XML library for real XML... but it does work really
fast if you want to store XML documents (it uses Data::Dumper to write
memory images out and read back) and work with them.  The query function
isn't bad either.

Please let me know if you have any problems with download and install.
The code is currently only available on Linux/Apache/Perl combination,
but we have had it working here on NT4/Xitami/ActivePerl, and will
release a port fairly soon.

Anyone is welcome to contribute improvements to the code and new
objects, ideas for projects &c.
You will find that the documentation is rather thin on the ground, if
anyone feels up to improving it - before we get around to it - then
you'll get a big credit, and maybe a job here if you want one !

We are using this system for a large number of live intranet/extranet
systems and it has been refined (OK probably still got huge
inefficiencies... but hey it's fast) for about 18 months into the
current version 1.0 release A form.

This is the first time we've released any Perl/Linux software for
general inspection - so please be gentle with us when you find those 'oh
so carefully planted' deliberate mistakes.



Peter Goode         peter@castlelink.co.uk
Castle Links Ltd    <http://www.castlelink.co.uk/>
Tel 01598 763267
Fax 01598 763543

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