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Re: a tool for system administration

>There's a program called Linuxconf that comes bundled with Red
>Hat that comes pretty close to what you mentioned. However I
>have found that this program is buggy.

yes, because it is very difficult to handle the setup of all the subsystems
without any uniformity between them. That's why I think that the
cooperation of the package maintainers is very important

> Here's just a few of my
>opinions concerning GUI system administration tools:
>By supplying novice system admins these types of tools, they
>often become too dependant on them and are reluctant to leave the
>security of the GUIs to explore and learn the command prompt. This
>will lead to incompetant Admins who can do their job while X is
>running, but if they have to telnet in to do any remote administration
>they will be clueless. Also if there are any kinds of snags that
>the GUI cant solve, they wont know how to fix it otherwise. We don't
>want to emulate the Win NT environment.
>Upon mass acceptance of these GUI tools, the Linux certification
>programs might end up basing their entire instruction program around
>them, therefore certifying incompetant Admins (ala MCSE). This will
>lead to Linux systems experiencing more downtime than need be because
>a "Certified" Linux admin won't know how to troubleshoot the network
>if theres a problem.

So, let's forbid the tool radically ?
>Linux is easy enough to administer as it is.

sorry, I can't agree
>Aaron Faby
Best Regards
Francisco Gaztelua
System Administrator

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