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Hey guys,

I wanted to raise a little awareness about the state of xinetd, there's a
couple bugs filed against it now that encourages the switch in source
development branches (see http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/41/41568.html for
Wichert's submission including an explaination letter).  I browsed through
the outstanding bugs, and I'm thinking most of these could simply be
closed by the change in source code.

I really like the 2.1.8 branch, and as far as I can tell from a brief look,
2.1.8 is everything the 2.2.1 you currently use is and more.  It'd be really
nice to see the 2.1.8 branch get into potato so I can stop using the alien'd
deb I've got now and actually be able to report any bugs I find on it.

Current maintain is (AFAIK) Norbert Veber and I haven't heard anything back
about the wishlist bug I filed on this.

Thanks for listening!


Jamie Fifield <fifield@cs.dal.ca>

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                      Gene Spafford

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