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Re: Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.

Yes, sometime free software sucks. But I should say simply that sometime
software, either free or not, suck. The worst problem aren't when free
software sucks. You can always debug it, or something : things will
become better by time -- at least if you really need it ;) The problem
are when non-free sucks and free not. It's a question of POV. The 
question shouldn't be:
" Why do you think that a free software could be better than a non-free."
it's more:
" Why a software that I paid for is 'sucker' than a free alternative?"

For the WebBrowser, I can find page that netscape supports and not
IE, and the reverse is also true. So the problem is not really coming
from lynx (well, maybe for the wrong dependencies and segfault) or
mozilla (which is still very alpha) but from the Web technology itself
who just in a big wave of new technologie, blowed to crack, and in
constant competition. A really hyped technology but not really mature
for more of the stuff we can find around. The web is a place where
people don't care to use a new not really tested technology for doing
security-sensible things. It's a place where the greatest-and-latest
take place over the proven-secure-and-stable. So don't expect much of it.

Strangely, the answer for your problem is exactly what you think is the
problem: Free Software, free code, open standards. If the W3C can provide
a free implementation of a web browser technology, a common subset of
this code could be shared among all web browsers (given the proper license
is used) and ensure that every page can be read by any web browser. This
can only be really acheive through free software. Elsewhere, you have a
chance to find some forking around.

Just my 2 pennies.

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