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request for new mailing list: debian-x

I respectfully request the creation of a new unmoderated, open-subscription
mailing list, "debian-x".

This list is for the discussion and support of the X Window System within
Debian.  Issues of maintenance and porting of Debian's XFree86 are germane
here, as are discussions of possible Debian policy mechanisms for ensuring
the smooth interoperation of packages that use the X Window System,
particularly widget sets, desktop environments, window managers, display
managers, and packages that provide fonts for the X Window System.  In
particular, individuals involved with building official Debian XFree86
packages for any architecture are invited to join, as are those with
various graphics hardware who seek to reproduce and/or fix bugs in the X
server.  This is NOT a user support list; this list is intended for those
who deal with the source code of any of the X Window System components
mentioned above.

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