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ITP setiathome / followup on tkseti


A couple of weeks ago, I announced an ITP for tkseti, a GUI frontend
for the SETI@Home client for unix. Some people suggested then, that I
also try packaging the client as well. So here goes.

I contacted the SETI@Home upstream programmers. They want people
to download the binaries only from their website, but will permit
distribution of an installation wrapper package. Here is a brief

Description: SETI@Home Client (install package)
 SETI@home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of
 hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search
 for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  You can participate by
 running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope
 data. There's a small but captivating possibility that your computer
 will detect the faint murmur of a civilization beyond Earth.
 SETI@Home is only distributed in binary form and has to be downloaded
 from http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/unix.html and placed in
 $TMPDIR (or /tmp if $TMPDIR is not defined).  Download for platform

Question: I think the setiathome package should go into the misc
section. Would it be contrib/misc or non-free/misc ? I noticed that
installation packages for even commercial software (e.g. metro-x),
where one has to download the tarballs to /tmp seems to goes under
contrib. Setiathome is not commercial, but source is not available,
However, all we would be distributing is the installation wrapper. So
- contrib or non-free?

Thanks for any pointers!


Gopal Narayanan                          Ph #: (413) 545 0925
Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Fax#: (413) 545 4223
University of Massachusetts              e-mail: gopal@fcrao1.phast.umass.edu
Amherst MA 01003

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