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Re: Policy for default mount points?

On Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 02:48:43PM -0400, Carl Mummert wrote:

> Why not /var/lib/psion/mnt

>From what I understand of the FHS 2.0, we shouldn't use /var/lib, and
should probably use /var/state in place of it.

However, /var/state is supposed to be used for "variable state
information". I'm not clear on whether that applies to the case in
question (mounting a Psion).

Joseph Carter suggested /var/mnt, which I like, but I don't think that
will conform with the FHS (from what I understand).

I've considered having it mount at /usr/share/psion, since /usr/share
is supposed to be for 'architecture independent data', but it's
supposed to be read-only, which doesn't apply to a mounted Psion...

So, I propose using /var/state/psion as the default mount point. Does
anyone have a problem with that, is my reasoning flawed? Comments?


Matthew Gregan                                  kinetik@ihug.co.nz

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