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RE: Some free software is pure crap, just like proprietary.

> > The other two "major" browsers, gzilla, and mozilla-navigator, are both
> > equally useless at these tasks, as they have no secure shell
> > and, in many cases, can't even get through the CGI scripting that goes
> > before the secure opperations.

As one of the Debian people working with Mozilla, I object to your
classification of Mozilla as "crap".  There is an old saying in computer
circles of "GIGO" -- Garbage in, Garbage Out.  By attempting to use Mozilla
for your important financial transactions, you are falling prey to this.
Don't blame Mozilla -- blame yourself.

Mozilla is nowhere near prime time.  It will not be for some time.  It is
embrionic right now, and to complain that it can't correctly negotiate
"enterprise CGI and security" stuff is crazy.  It does not ADVERTISE itself
as being ready.  That's a big difference between Mozilla and proprietary
products.  We are not making claims about its suitability for use.

So while I realize your statements were not meant to be taken especially
seriously, it is unfair to raise the straw-man argument that some free
software is crap, because an alpha-level product doesn't do what you want.

Please, Dwarf -- I expect more from you ;-)


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