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Re: dpkg-perl or perl library for dpkg

Le Thu, Jul 22, 1999 at 08:30:03PM +0200, Fabien Salvi écrivait:
> > Is there a perl library to access some informations :
> > - version of the package
> > - depends

There's pkgorder, it's a set of modules to access the data that is
in Packages files (status is a kind of Packages files too).

> > and the possibility to manage dpkg (install, purge...) using only perl
> > library and no system calls ?

That's not possible since dpkg does not have a library managing that. The
job is done by dpkg-deb. So you must call dpkg-deb via a system call
to unpack a package.

This will change with dpkg v2. We'll be able to write a little .XS module
that will use the library in order to work directly with a package.

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