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Re: dpkg-perl or perl library for dpkg

Fabien Salvi wrote:
> Hello.
> I try to manage deb packages within perl scripts.
> I would like to use dpkg-perl, but there is no documentation on it...
> Is there a perl library to access some informations :
> - version of the package
> - depends
> and the possibility to manage dpkg (install, purge...) using only perl
> library and no system calls ?

Like nobody answer me, I do it :-)
So, with the help of a colleague, I have made a very little library wich
can be used to get informations from the status file.
It's clear that it's in development for the moment :-)
I have done also a little example for illustrating it.

If someone want to look at this, he can go to :
There is :
- the library I have made (Extpkg)
- a fix of a problem in List.pm
- the example (infopkg)
- and a package debian regrouping all these things (including the old

$ dpkg -L dpkg-perl


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