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Re: Configuring postgresql

Douglas Bates wrote:
  >I'm having trouble trying to install the postgresql_6.5-3 package in a
  >potato system.  Is there a known work-around for the following error?
  > Setting up postgresql (6.5-3) ...
  > /var/lib/dpkg/info/postgresql.postinst: /etc/postgresql/postmaster.init: No
      > such file or directory
  > dpkg: error processing postgresql (--configure):

Someone else reported this on 6.5-2 (bug#41006).  However, 
/etc/postgresql/postmaster.init is a conffile of the postgresql package and
is definitely in the package:

  # dpkg -S /etc/postgresql/postmaster.init
  postgresql: /etc/postgresql/postmaster.init

Therefore, I suggest you unpack it again.

If that still does not work:

  does /etc/postgresql exist?
  take the .deb package apart and check whether the file is in data.tar.gz (how
  could it not be?)
  add `set -x' to the postinst script and run `dpkg --configure postgresql' -
  perhaps the trace will reveal what is happening.

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