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RedHat Surprise

In light of RedHat's recent offer to many debian developers, I want to
make a suggestion to those who do not accept RedHat's method of making the

Do not send back a nasty e-mail message cursing them for spamming.  If you
feel obligated to tell them your opinion, please consider using your
non-debian e-mail address.  It is very easy for people to mistaken the
opinion of one for the opinion of the whole.  EVERY e-mail message you
send with a debian.org e-mail address reflects Debian as an organization.  

Redhat did not have to include anyone in their offer.  This is a very
considerate and thoughtful gesture on their part.  Redhat is good for
Linux as a whole.  We may have some differences, but IMO they should not
be viewed as our enemy.  They are going to be investing a lot of money
into Linux development, which means good paying jobs for open source

I am not saying anyone is wrong for having an opinion or that they should 
not express it, the focus of my point is to stress taking into account
the fact that individual opinions are taken as opinions of the entire

 Matthew R. Pavlovich  

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