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enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el


I'm working on an enhanced version of debian-changelog-mode.el.  I
deliberately started with font-lock and menus, the parts that may have
portability issues, so I'd like to solicit feedback.  So far, I have
tested only on emacs20; I'd like to hear from the Xemacs users.

There is no actual new functionality yet -- that will come later.
(But the font-lock is nice, IMO, and the menus may be handy for some.)

Anyone who'd like to try this just-getting-started product can get it
from http://www.debian.org/~xtifr/debian-changelog-mode.el

Installation is a manual process at this point.  I'm not going to
package it till it's a little more complete.

(Note for followups: I don't currently read -devel.)

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