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Re: How to access mailserver

I try to collect all necessary data:

~> dpkg --status exim
Package: exim
Status: install ok installed
Priority: important
Section: mail
Installed-Size: 874
Maintainer: Mark Baker <mbaker@iee.org>
Version: 2.05-1

/etc> grep -i localhost exim.conf
qualify_domain = wr-linux01.rki.de: localhost

/etc> grep -i local hosts.allow
# Example:    ALL: LOCAL @some_netgroup

~> grep -i poll .fetchmailrc
poll Mailnu01.rki.de with proto IMAP

Besides the following facts:
1) I'm sitting behind a firewall
2) My machine is not entered in DNS service yet

This is the error message:

~> fetchmail -a
3 messages (3 seen) for tillea at Mailnu01.rki.de (1387 octets).
reading message 1 of 3 (383 header octets) fetchmail: SMTP connect to
failed: Connection refused
fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from Mailnu01.rki.de
fetchmail: Query status=10

Kind regards


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