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ITP: darxite & netferret

Hi *,

	I have netferret and darxite packaged and ready to upload.
If nobody objects I'll do them on the weekend. Ciao, Federico

Net Ferret is a tool to help you get quicker results when searching
the internet. It runs as an applet in the GNOME toolbar. Searching is
painful enough already without that pesky search engine front page
with seven hundred advertisements...

Darxite is an system for retrieving files via FTP and HTTP where a
"daemon" process sits in the background and downloads files, while a
number of "client" processes can control it and provide a user
interface. It's the ideal way to download files over an unreliable
network connection. You can just use it like a normal FTP client, or
in a variety of other ways. And the best part is... it's free! Darxite
is released under the GNU General Public License.

Federico Di Gregorio [http://www.bolinando.com/fog] {Friend of Penguins}
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog@debian.org
           The reverse side also has a reverse side  -- Japanese proverb

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