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Re: How to access mailserver

On Jul 15, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Detailed questions are:
> 1) How can I fetch my mails from the mailserver periodically,
>    say each 5 Minutes) and store them as local mail.
>   I thought fetchmail would do the job but it seems to
>   fetch mails only on user demand, right??
>   I would like to get the mails from the server sended as
>   mail and want the mails sended be deleted on the server.

Fetchmail can, that's how I run it.. fetching mail from my 3 accounts
every 5 minutes.

In .fetchmailrc you can put

set daemon <seconds>

and then when you run fetchmail it will go into the background and 
poll every <seconds> seconds. Or you can run it from the command line

fetchmail -d 500 <other opts>

and that will do the same thing.

man fetchmail, search for 'daemon mode'.

> 2) I wonder how far mailagent is better than procmail for
>   that purpose, because it tells that it has 
>   "far more functionality than procmail" in the package
>   description.

Hmm, no idea. I've only used procmail (with much success, I might add).

> 3) Are there any specials things to do or any special documents
>   to read to solve that problem?

ISTR that there are a few HOWTO's or Linux Gazette articles on this.

> Kind regards
>                  Andreas.

Cheers, James

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