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Re: RFC: A security-base package for Debian

[this is the ITP, further posts should probably better only go to
debian-firewall-l since I hate this crosspostings]


I hereby intent to create the following Debian packages: 

	a collection of some dozend security related papers from the 
	  present and past that are ordered and catogerized and presented
          with a nice (descriptive) index so that they are readable with
	  a web browser in a convinient way.
        A list of book[mark] recommendations.

	that depends ("meta-package") on several security related packages 
	  like snort,tcpdump,sniffit,nmap etc...
	and provides some scripts that checks the computer for 
	  basic security holes. Since this would either be useless
          or concurrent to SATAN et al I have to think about it

Please send me all your links :-)

read you,


> you could have two packages. the first being "security-documents", and
> the second being a virtual package "debian-security" which depends or
> suggests security-documents and all of the relevant security tools.
> --
> craig sanders

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