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I maintain ipolish package. My dictionary is really huge. Of course
common user doesn't need all words in dictionary (i.e. bilogical terms).
Then I prepared some new mechanizm called update-ispell-hash.

/usr/lib/ispell/polish.hash is a symlink to /var/lib/ispell/polish.hash
The second file is builded from "subdictionaries" (/usr/lib/ispell/dict/*
folder). Subdictionaries have a description in polish.info file.

Source: polish
Affix: polish.aff
Hash: polish.hash

Dictionary: A
Default: yes
Description: Base dictionary
 blah blah blah
Dictionary: B
Default: no
Descripion: Rare words
 blah blah blah
 blah blah blah
Dictionary: biology
Default: no
Description: Biology


I've wroten my script in perl and it is really easy to adaptate for
other ispell dictionaries. If you are interested in this tool,
please look at ipolish (= 1.0.990527-2).
This script could be a part of ispell package..


Piotr "Dexter" Roszatycki

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