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Re: Programming question: sizeof struct?

%% Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

  jg> On 9 Jul 1999, Paul D. Smith wrote:

  jg> I always hated gcc __attribute__, I prefer the simpler and more common
  jg> #pragma pack(1)
  jg> struct {};
  jg> #pragma pack()
  >> Ugh.  #pragma is terrible.  See the GCC manual for a description of why.

  jg> Their two reasons are true but not really compelling.

Apparently you mean "in the case of #pragma pack" (given your arguments
below).  Above you appear to be dismissing __attribute__ in all its
incarnations and preferring #pragma.  Perhaps I misread your intent.

  jg> First off, #pragma pack is virtually a standard, I know of 5
  jg> compilers that support the exact semantics I gave, and secondly
  jg> you are not going to be using it in a macro in this context.

The real issue with not being able to have macros expand to #pragma is
the first point: there is no clean way to use #pragma in a portable
environment, because you can't use the preprocessor to choose #pragmas
for different platforms.  All you can do is have massive amounts of

While it's good that this works with many compilers, that doesn't mean
it works for all or, even worse, that all of them implement it the same
way.  Suppose you _did_ need to support a compiler that required a
different format of arguments to the pack #pragma, for example: how
would you do that?

Since you can't macro-ize it in any way, you'd be reduced typing:

 # pragma pack(0,1)
 # pragma pack(1)

_every_time_ you wanted to use it!  Ouch!  And what if you had 3, 4, or
more different formats?

No, IMO #pragma is a very badly conceived solution.  Very badly indeed.

  jg> The big benifit that you do get is that it is done right, if you
  jg> miss an alignement directive where you needed one then 'woops'.

Sorry, it's Monday; I can't parse this sentence properly.  The big
benefit WRT what?  What does this buy you that __attribute__ doesn't in
terms of missing an alignment directive?
  jg> Sadly every compiler has a gcc-like 'innovation' there are so many
  jg> different ways to specify alignement <sigh>

It would be nice if there was One (guaranteed) Way, I agree.  However,
on the grand scale of things I'd say a very, very small percentage of C
programs ever need anything like this (that's probably why it's not a
high priority in the standards organization).

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