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Re: In bed with Apt

Marant Jerome <jerome_marant@hotmail.com> writes:

> Is Apt rigid ? The answer is yes !
> Why not giving a simple directory where ou can find debs and
> Packages.gz and that's it ?
> Why keeping <dir>/dists/stable/<component>/binanary-<arch>/ . At the
> moment, apt won't install anything and update its cache neither if
> it can't find this directory structure.
> Imagine you download packages in a simple directory and you want
> to install them via apt. So, you have to create a special directory
> tree (as described) if you want apt to work!!!
> I think that there are lots of reasons for this, but I don't know
> them.

The problem you have is not within apt, but within the Packages.gz
files. They include the complete directory structure that must be
present on disk, otherwise neigther apt nor dselect can find
anything. It is true that apt and dselect won't find the Packages.gz
eigther, but one can specify the path to the Packages.gz so that they
will find them and they will still miss the deb files.

-----------------------] EXAMPLE [------------------------------

Package: 2utf
Version: 1.10
Priority: optional
Section: text
Maintainer: Ricardas Cepas <rch@WriteMe.Com>
Depends: libc6
Recommends: locales | wg15-locale, man-db (>= 2.3.10-37)
Suggests: tcs, kbd (>= 0.95) | console-utilities
Architecture: i386
Filename: dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/text/2utf_1.10.deb
Size: 50542
MD5sum: 69441fc0e2d92925f0f21fa1f99a6bbe
Description: Translates char-sets and decodes MIME.
 Filter for char-set translation to and from Unicode.
 Gets char-set definitions from WG15 locales char-maps or similiar tables.
 Can decode nested multi-part MIME messages and invoke external filters.
 Can display char-maps and current console font.
installed-size: 173

-----------------------] EXAMPLE [------------------------------

apt and dselect will look for 2utf_1.10.deb in
dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/text/ relative to the base of the
distribution, as specified by "Filename:".

What I think is anoying, is that "apt-get install foo.deb" isn't smart 
enoug to see that I give him a deb file instead of a package name.


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