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Please check my translation

Hello all,

I maintain e2ps package, which is a converter from plain text
into PostScript, for Debian JP. Because e2ps is made by Japanese
programmer, it displays Japanese messages with "e2ps --help" :-)

So I slightly modify e2ps so that it can display English messages
unless LANG=ja_JP.ujis (which provides Japanese environment in
general). But I know very little about terminology of computer
or of English itself, so I wish someone will check my translation
of messages.

Of course I will upload e2ps to Debian when I will succeed in becoming
a Debian developer.

There are my translation of messages below and please tell me
which phrases are wrong and/or unnatural etc.

If you need original Japanese messages, please get


and, after installing it, try "LANG=ja_JP.ujis e2ps -h" in kterm for example.
You may need some knowledge about Japanese environment :-)

nsx:~$ LANG=C e2ps -h

'e2ps'  ---  White Tools Presents.    Copyright Nobuyuki SHIRAKI 1998

Usage : e2ps
    [-l|-l2|-l4] [-p|-p2|-p4] [-afont ascii-font] [-abfont ascii-bold]
    [-abifont ascii-bolditalic] [-kfont kanji-font]
    [-kbfont kanji-bold] [-kbifont kanji-bolditalic] [-size fontsize]
    [-nl nlrate] [-line line] [-a4|-b4|-le] [-nh] [-P printer]
    [-date string] [-head string] [-page string] [-ohp]
    [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [-fl] [-lib] [filenames...]

    -l                        : landscape
    -l2                       : landscape 2x1
    -l4                       : landscape 2x2
    -p                        : portrait
    -p2                       : portrait 2x1(default)
    -p4                       : portrait 2x2

* Do you see the meaning of "landscape 2x1" etc. easily ?

    -af ascii-font            : ASCII font(Courier)
    -abf ascii-bold           : bold font(Courier-Bold)
    -abif ascii-bolditalic    : bold italic(Courier-BoldOblique)
    -kf kanji-font            : Kanji font(Ryumin-Light-EUC-H)
    -kbf kanji-bold           : bold Kanji(GothicBBB-Medium-EUC-H)
    -kbif kanji-bolditalic    : bold italic Kanji(GothicBBB-Medium-EUC-H-Italic)

* Is "ASCII font" okay or something like "body font" is better ?
* How about "Kanji font" and "bold Kanji" etc. ?

    -size fontsize            : font size(10.0)
    -nl nlrate                : line width(1.1)

* I wish to mean "space between two lines (not absolute value but ratio)" 
  with "line width" but it seems wrong ...

    -line line                : maximum line numbers(66)
    -a4                       : A4 paper(default)
    -b4                       : B4 paper
    -le                       : letter size paper
    -Pprinter                 : printer(papyrus)
    -date string              : date(current time:Jun 29 1999 14:26:40)
    -head string              : set page header
    -page string              : page (default:Page)

* This option means, for example, "-page Seite" will print "Seite 1"

    -ohp                      : for OHP(font size:25.0)
    -nh                       : no page headers
    -h | --help               : display help
    -v | --version            : display version
    -fl                       : display font list

* or "fonts list" or "fonts lists" ?

    -lib                      : display environment

Thanks in advance,		1999.7.10

 Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp>
 Department of Math., Tokushima Univ.

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