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Re: FreeLinux (Debian/GNU BSD)

According to Brent Fulgham:

	[[ ... ]]
> We did discuss doing a Debian BSD distribution, but we had 
> some question as to whether there would be much interest
> in doing so, or in using it.  We also weren't sure what kind
> of response we would receive from the BSD community, and 
> whether we would be seen as an abomination. ;-)

	By whom?:)  Most of us BSD'ers are not so 
	narrow-minded ....   I'm an admitted hardcore
	unix bigot,  but that's the limit of my

> The short-term plan was to create a BSD kernel module that
> could be used on a regular Debian system, perhaps using 
> the BSD Linux-compatibility code.  Our distribution already
> spans two binary CD's for each ARCHITECTURE.  So, we would
> have a tremendous amount of additional space needed to
> host a completely-native BSD distribution as well.
> We did feel that FreeBSD would probably be the best distribution
> to base such a beast on.  We would probably be distributing it as 
> Debian GNU/BSD, or perhaps Debian GNU/FreeBSD...

	Sounds like a win-win any way you look at it.
	When you've got a Core group of 5 or 10 going,
	write me (kline@thought.org) and I'll sign-on 
	to your devel and ports lists.


Gary Kline	Tera Computer Company

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