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Re: The standard system is inconsistent => overrides problems

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> Hi everybody,

> today I built a fake status file as if all packages of priority
> standard or higher were installed, and I runned apt-get with this
> status file and found that the system was inconsistent, here are the
> problems (apt-get check output) :

> ~/debian-cd/perso@p200$ ./apt-selection check
> Reading Package Lists... Done
> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these.
> Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   libpam0g: Depends: libpam-runtime but it is not installed
>   lsof-2.2: Conflicts: lsof
>             Conflicts: lsof-2.0.35 but 4.37-3 is installed
>             Conflicts: lsof-2.0.36 but 4.43-1 is installed
>   g++: Depends: libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1-dev (>= 2.91.66) but it is not installed
>   lsof-2.0.35: Conflicts: lsof
>   lsof-2.0.36: Conflicts: lsof
>                Conflicts: lsof-2.0.35 but 4.37-3 is installed
>   perl-5.004-doc: Conflicts: perl-doc
>   perl-5.005-base: Conflicts: perl but 5.004.05-1 is installed
>   ppp-pam: Depends: ppp (= 2.3.7-4) but it is not installed
>   netstd: PreDepends: ncurses3.4 but it is not installed
>   perl-5.005-doc: Conflicts: perl-doc
>   man-db: Depends: libdb2 (>= 2.3.16) but it is not installed
> E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.

> Here are my conclusions :

> - ppp-pam is standard and depends on ppp which is optional. ppp
>   must be standard or ppp-pam must be optional ...
> - netstd must be rebuilt with a new ncurses (libncurses4)
> - perl (the fake package) must be of priority extra (the same
>   applies for all fake packages)
> - perl-5.005-doc must be standard and perl-5.004-doc extra
> - something similar for lsof-*, only one of them must be
>   standard (the 2.2 one I suppose), the other are extras.
> - libpam0g (standard) depends on libpam-runtime (optional),
>   libpam-runtime must be standard
> - man-db may be built with the db2 from glibc2.1 (-ldb) instead 
>   of libdb2
> - g++ should only recommend libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1-dev as does gcc

> Thank you for correcting what's needed (I won't file bug reports
> unless someone ask me to do so for a particular package).

> A standard system which is consistent is far better ! I've discovered
> this problem while trying to run apt-get on a 100% standard system
> to see the dependencies that need to be installed for each package.

> Cheers,

> PS: apt-selection is not a standard program, it's a litlle wrapper script
>     I wrote.
> -- 
> Hertzog Raphaël >> 0C4CABF1 >> http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~rhertzog/

Unknown package: lsof-2.2

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