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Re: How to publish software?

Helmut Metzdorf wrote:
>   I have spent some time, writing a piece of software, that so far I found
>   rather useful. The thing it does is to browse the file /var/lib/dpkg/status
>   and the /usr/doc directory. 
>   From the information gathered it creates a menu-sourcefile that can be bound
>   to a key or button. This menu then will give fast access to all documentation
>   there in plain or compressed text.
>   Up to now it is restricted to fvwm2 (cause I use that of course) and will
>   stay that way if I decide to keep it just for my own private use. 
>   But maybe others would find it useful too, but how to find out?
>   That leads to my question, stated in the subject of my mail.

Release it on a web page or an ftp server, announce it on cola.



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