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Re: Pentium Optimized

>> "Sami" == Sami Dalouche <samid@ifrance.com> writes:

>> You may try this (as I believe you underestimate it). Recently, the X
>> maintainer said that after compiling the X packages, the source tree
>> consumpted 1.5 GB diskspace.

Sami> Yes, but I don't know any1 that compiles ALL X.

If you do a debian/rules binary on the debian sourcetree (and this is
the way to go if you want to rebuild debian packages), the X sources
do generate _all_ packages.

X is just one big source package (I think only xbooks has been
sperated so far). So you can't just fetch the source for xserver-svga
(as there is no such thing) and do a debian/rules binary to only get
the svga server.


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