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Re: Re: Pentium Optimized

Jonathan Hall <jonhall@futureks.net> writes:

> A needed feature of this possible source-only distro would be pre-built
> binary packages that can easily be replaced one-by-one as the source
> packages are compiled and installed.  The time required to compile the
> entire distribution would be hours--possibly days/weeks/months, depending
> on the system doing the compiling.  And in situations where the user wants
> to compile the sources on the target machine itself, that would be an
> absolute necessity, not just a nice feature.
> Even compiling an entire i486-optimized distro on a pIII will take HUGE
> amounts of time.  Doing it on the i486 itself would take many times
> longer.
> I have visions of compiling the entire distribution on my poor 33Mhz SPARC
> with 48mb RAM for months on end.... Took 3 hours 2 minutes just to compile
> a kernel on that thing!  :-) 

An i486 or a 33MHz SPARC isn't a computer anymore, its onje of those
mechanical calculaters from stoneage. :)

If someone doesn't want the i386 optimized prepackaged bins, he will
have one of those new supercomps like PII-500+ or Alpha 1GHz (at the
time a source distro will be possible) and compiling X would be a
matter of hours/minutes. I don't think removing all prepackaged bins
would be a good thing, but for those speed fanatics or paranoids not
trusting unsigned bin packages installing from source would be great.

> > Benefit: you buy one set of CDs and can compile it (essential to me is
> > i486, i686, PowerPC (Mac)) everywhere.

I have Amiga(m68k), Amiga(ppc), i386 and Alpha. Thats a lot of
bandwith to keep the mirror uptodate. Would be nice to only mirror source.

> > What do you think??? - possible, needful,...

Both, but a lot of work and nobody to do it. :(


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