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Re: Orphaning wine...

Sami Dalouche wrote:
> Anve this minimal knowledge but One thing is afraying me. In the
> /etn/wine.conf, there is :
> kernel  = kernel32
> gdi     = gdi32
> user    = user32


> [DllOverrides]
> kernel32, gdi32, user32 = builtin
> kernel, gdi, user       = builtin
> toolhelp                = builtin
> comdlg32, commdlg       = elfdll, builtin, native
> version, ver            = elfdll, builtin, native


> Must I understand this to package wine or must I leave the defaults ?

The defaults ought to be OK.  This is basically just telling WINE what 
dlls it should try to take from an existing installation of Windows, and
what it should use internal versions for.  Since not all the internal 
DLLs are completed yet (ie: comdlg, etc), sometime some programs work
better with Microsoft's ('native') DLLs than the WINE built-ins.  (And 
the 'elfdll' stuff hasn't even been checked in yet, so it's nothing to 
worry about).  

I imagine that the hard thing about packaging WINE would be setting
up the drive mappings - exactly where should c:\ *go* on a debian 
system, and what if the user doesn't have an existing windows partition
and wants to set up a 'pure' WINE environment?

If I knew more about debian package management, and I had more time, 
I'd offer to package it myself.... I could check to see if anyone else
at Corel wants to...


Gavriel State
Acting Project Leader - Linux Apps
Corel Corp.

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