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Re: perl scripts during system boot?

Marc Haber wrote:
> Hi!
> I am currently hacking ipmasq to be a more versatile and flexible tool
> for firewall configuration. Over the time, doing this in bash has
> become something of a pain.

As the maintainer of ipmasq, I can certainly appreciate your pain.  I
just love how the bash documentation doesn't tell you what shell
constructs are bashisms and which are POSIX sh.  (Or at least, I haven't
figured it out...)

> Since perl resides in /usr/bin which might not be present during
> system bootup (with /usr not yet mounted), I suspect that using perl
> would be out of the question and copying the perl interpreter to /bin
> won't make me any new friends here.

I wouldn't worry about this.  ipmasq currently uses sort and cut, which
are both in /usr/bin.  The ipmasq init script runs just after local
filesystems are mounted.
> Do I have any other options besides continuing to write shell scripts
> or using full-blown compiled C code?

Whatever you come up with, I will appreciate your input.  I would
prefer, however, that whatever solution you come up with, it be
backwards compatible to the 3.1+ ipmasqs.

> Greetings
> Marc


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