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Re: tac-plus and debian-bugtracking system

>> "Michael" == Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> writes:

Michael> On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 12:34:03PM -0300, Carlos Barros wrote:

>> Looking at the bugs.debian.org I found that tac-plus has 2 open
>> bugs but none of them were forwarded to me(the tac-plus mantainer).

Michael> The BTS don't auto forward the bugs to the upstream, because
Michael> a lot of the bugs are debian intern bugs (depends etc.) or
Michael> bugs from old packages.

He *is* the Debian maintainer :-)

I don't know why you didn't get a message (you should have get one in
parallel to the aknowledgement the submitter gets). The full logs
don't show any message sent to you about this. Strange.


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