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Re: tac-plus and debian-bugtracking system

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 12:34:03PM -0300, Carlos Barros wrote:
> Looking at the bugs.debian.org I found that tac-plus has 2 open bugs but
> none of them were forwarded to me(the tac-plus mantainer).
> Has tac-plus a further error that DBS doesn't know how to forward the bug to
> me?
> Or it just a period of time to wait for the bug report arrive.

oh no. The bug-tracking system is a debian only system. With it, our
user can make bugreports and this reports are save in the BTS.

The bugs are send to the debian maintainer of the bugy package. He can
forward the bug to the upstream author (you).

The BTS don't auto forward the bugs to the upstream, because a lot of
the bugs are debian intern bugs (depends etc.) or bugs from old

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