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Re: mutt-i vs mutt

*Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On Jul 01, John Travers wrote:
> > Hi, I have just installed mutt in the UK as the mutt-i version is broken at 
> > the moment, however I have (pleasantly) discovered that I have full use of pgp 
> > from within this version, so what is different with mutt-i?
> mutt-i is obsolete and has been for some time; all of its
> functionality is in the mainstream mutt package.

  This problem nailed me once too.  There were some docs somewhere
that still refered to the previous state of afairs.  Maybe mutt-i
should be removed, or upgraded to include a warning message.	
   AAMOF, I recall that two or three mirrors had a corrupted binary.
It shouldn't even be there at all.

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