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YADA Build-Depends support

On debian-devel, Samuel Tardieu <sam@debian.org> wrote:
> |    * Make sure console-tools-data is installed before building, by
> |      aborting the "build" target since we do not have source dependencies
> |      yet (Closes: Bug#39211).
> You should consider using YADA, which checks this automatically by using
> a Build-Depends field in the debian/packages file.

Oh, that sounds interesting. I always use debhelper myself. Would it be
possible to explain how the Build-Depends field works in YADA so it could be
intergrated into other Debain build tools like debhelper.

Maybe have a dh_checkdeps package.

Or should source-depends be in dpkg-buildpackage? I suppose we should just sit
back and wait for DPKGv2.

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