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Re^4: Moving contrib and non-free of master.debian.org

Am 23.06.99 schrieb sb51 # soas.ac.uk ...

Hi Stefan!

SB> > And Debian is useless without non-free.
SB> Could you elaborate? For some months now I have not been using any
SB> programs=  from non-free or contrib, and about the only inconvenience I
SB> experience is=  the absence of netscape.

Well, there#re a lot of interesting "non-free" packages like:

  netscape, xv, gs-alladin, doc-html-w3, hwb, pgp, apache-ssl,
  glimpse, quake, doom, ... (a lot of HOWTOs).

SB> > we should improve the quality of Debian and the free software.
SB> I agree. One way to improve the quality of free software is to promote its
SB> = use. This is the purpose of the proposed Debian archive split.

No!!! You can not tell the user to use only free packages, when the  
quality of this programs is lower than that of the non-free packages. The  
user will choose the free package, when it solves his problems.

cu, Marco

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