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Proposal for changing 'crontrib' to 'hostage' ;^)

Wouldn't a better name than 'contrib' be in order for the purpose it serves? for
example? 'hostage' ;) i.e. we are free, but are captured by foreign non-free
stuff... until free compatible replacements are found?

And for 'non-us' I guess that's ok, as later on, there may be other restricted
stuff besides just crypto... who knows...

So why not:

hostage [instead of contrib]

??? ;^)

Then perhaps make 'contrib' more like the *gasp* 'contrib' of red hat, for
non-official contributed .debs made by non-official debian developers... i.e.
they don't want the full fledged debian developer status, but just want to
contribute a particular version of an app. Or perhaps for those waiting for
debian developer status, etc. and I'd keep those on the secondary server too.

main.debian.org     ['main' only]

allother.debian.org ['contrib', 'non-free', 'non-us' (sometimes), 'hostage'???
(just had to throw it in... ;]

/me just causes way too much trouble for his own good...

Just food for thought though... (yet another 2 cents... the way I'm going on
this, Debian will owe me a fortune in thoughts)


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