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Re: inofficially maintained package collection? - SPICE COPYRIGHT issues

On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 06:57:50PM +0200, Michael Pronath wrote:
> Hi,
>  one month ago I applied for becoming a debian developer and
>  I got a response from you on May 29, that my request is in
>  progress.
>  1. Is there anything I can do to speed up the progress?
>  2. The package I want to make (Berkeley SPICE 3f5) is finished
>     for some weeks.  Is it ok to publish it on my own


Michael, I tried packaging spice about 6 months ago and found
it could not be distributed with debian because of copyright limitations.
I have personally spent a great deal of time trying to get spice
under a GPL license, without luck. Some people at GNU even worked on it,
you might try to contact Richard Stallman (rms@gnu.org) about this 
matter. The problem appears to be in a part of spice which
was developed by some professor at berkeley. He would not allow
distribution of his code.

Have you looked into this matter?

Please be careful and think before you make the debian package
available to the world.

>     webpage, as long as I am not registered as a debian maintainer?
>  3. Is there a special collection web page for "inofficially maintained"
>     debian packages?
> Michael



 Joop Stakenborg PA4TU, ex-PA3ABA <pa3aba@debian.org>
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