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Re: ITP: xslj, a XSL processor (XSL is one of the stylesheet format of XML)

On Thu, Jun 17, 1999 at 04:15:40PM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> > Transforming XML into HTML can be done by a large number of tools,
> > including several implementations of XSLT.
> Anyone which is free? DFSG-free? Already packaged for Debian?

More than half of all XML tools are written in Java, which is still a
bit of a sour spot for debian. One of the best and most free tools is
James Clark's XT. It runs well using the sun jdk (once you find one that
actually runs on a potato system). I once tried it using kaffe, but it
didn't work.

I'd kill for a gcj-compiled version of xt.

There's at least one XSL implementation in Python.

See http://www.stud.ifi.uio.no/~larsga/linker/XMLtools.html#SC_XSL
for a listing of the free XSL tools.

I haven't kept track of Debian packages, but I think none of them have
been packaged.

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