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Re: ITP: xslj, a XSL processor (XSL is one of the stylesheet format of XML)

On Thursday 17 June 1999, at 14 h 17, the keyboard of Bart Schuller 
<schuller@lunatech.com> wrote:

> Adam would qualify as the resident guru,

Yes, but he already does a lot of work for Debian (several big packages, the 
Installation Guide) and I assume it is the reason why he didn't participate 

> Here's my view on the stylesheets for XML situation:

Diehards Perl/Python/whatever programmers will note that you can also write 
your own parser (XML was intended that way: writing a parser is very simple, 
with modules to help you do it for every language) and hardcode the stylesheet 
in it. Because of the current fight over stylesheet standards and the lack of 
free implementations, I assume many XML authors choose this solution.

> Transforming XML into HTML can be done by a large number of tools,
> including several implementations of XSLT.

Anyone which is free? DFSG-free? Already packaged for Debian?

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