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slrn losing newsgroups

slrn just lost the comp.lang.verilog and comp.lang.vhdl groups I was
reading. You might want to try running leafnode until the slrn problem
is resolved. Rebuilding the .newsrc file only takes a couple seconds if
you're running leafnode.

On Wed, Jun 16, 1999 at 02:49:17PM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> Joey and I have talked about this problem in the past (possibly as long as
> a month ago) and I thought I had it resolved when it bit me again today.
> The problem is that at some unexpected time, slrn decides that all of its
> groups are bogus and from that point forward you cannot get slrn to
> subscribe to, or even recognize the existance of, news groups that _can_
> in fact be seen on the server with no problems. (using telnet and issuing
> commands by hand you can even get postings from the server, but it isn't
> the recommended method ;-)
> When this problem occured in the past, I was also having trouble with a
> couple of other programs that were seg faulting all of a sudden, when they
> had never done that before. It turned out that upgrading those programs
> fixed their problems, and upgrading slrn seemed to fix its problem as
> well, until today.
> While it is no large problem to reconfigure with the "create" function of
> slrn, it _is_ time consuming to do so, and specially so when I am now
> certain that it will just choose some, most inconvenient, time to fail.
> Even if this only happens 10 times a year, I don't want to have to budget
> even that much time out of my busy schedule, so I'm looking for the "real"
> problem and its solution.
> While it is only a "gut" feeling at the moment, I am pretty certain that
> this is something that slrn is doing to itself, rather than some perculiar
> behaviour on the part of my ISPs server, even if my parnoia suggests a
> devious plot on his part to keep me from important news groups ;-)
> My problem is that I am currently without an attack strategy. Joey says
> that he has never seen another report of this problem, so my karma has
> struck again... If this is only happening to me because of some perculiar
> situation I have created on my machine, this doesn't reduce my desire to
> find the "fix", and I am hoping that your interest in solving this problem
> isn't dampened by the fact that I am the only one effected.
> If anyone has any ideas, I am principaly interested in finding the
> "control bit" that slrn is locking in the rc file that is causing this
> effect. It should be pretty simple to just run a sed script on the rc file
> before I start slrn, to insure that the "bit" is set correctly.
> Of course the better solution would be to figure out why slrn sets the bit
> in the first place, and make it "stop doing that".
> All ideas welcome,
> Dwarf
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