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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Will Lowe wrote:

> [This is moved from -private,  as Dwarf requested]

Thanks ;-)

> > I would also like to suggest that vendors be allowed to "add" items to the
> > Official image and still call it "Official". (Possibly Official Plus)
> > There are lots of occasions where the additions to the CD have absolutely
> > no impact on the rest of the image. This becomes clear when you realise
> > that the "items" they want to add are things like HTML catalogues of other
> > products that will be placed in the root directory of the CD.
> We could specify a directory under the / on the CD for vendors,  like /opt
> in the FHS,  and allow vendors to put anything they want there.  Call it
> /PlusPack or something :).  Or allow vendors to name that directory
> after themselves:  /CheapBytes ...

I like this idea!

How about a Vendors/ directory (with or without the caps, but the caps
would put it at the top of the directory list) where each vendor can
create their own directory and place anything they want within.

I know it may not sound probable, but I can envision a situation where
several vendors might pool their resources to create one image they could
all use. Under those circumstances, there would be a subdirectory in
Vendors/ for each of the cooperating companies. (This is actually a
functional business model, as the one with the most sales, promotes the
others, and "drags" them along, while getting support through advertising
from each of the other participants. Everyone gets more market
visibility, and their cooperation can be infectious.)

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