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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

[This is moved from -private,  as Dwarf requested]

> I would also like to suggest that vendors be allowed to "add" items to the
> Official image and still call it "Official". (Possibly Official Plus)
> There are lots of occasions where the additions to the CD have absolutely
> no impact on the rest of the image. This becomes clear when you realise
> that the "items" they want to add are things like HTML catalogues of other
> products that will be placed in the root directory of the CD.

We could specify a directory under the / on the CD for vendors,  like /opt
in the FHS,  and allow vendors to put anything they want there.  Call it
/PlusPack or something :).  Or allow vendors to name that directory
after themselves:  /CheapBytes ...

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