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Re: Debian SGML/XML packages (was Package wanted: libxml-grove-perl)

On Tue, Jun 15, 1999 at 11:54:10AM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> > All this made me think about putting together a web page listing all
> > the current XML Perl modules, whether they are debianized and by who,
> The list already exists: 
> <http://www.perlxml.com/modules/perl-xml-modules.html>
> It would be useful to have a Web page of all Debian XML tools and only
> them (at the present time, not much even in potato, but this is a 
> reflection of the state of XML - I mean the technical state, not the
> marketing one).
> > We could even extend this into a set of web pages listing all the SGML
> > and XML packages (and even those that are not yet) available in Debian,
> Yes. Any volunteer?

Sure!  I'll volunteer for this!  Just let me here what you guys think 
should be on it, give me a few leads, and I can go ahead and work on
other aspects of the web page, such as the list of XML (and SGML, if
it is also requested) tools already in Debian :)

> > Further, we could even setup a debian-sgml-xml mailing list to discuss 
> > related issues.  
> <AOL>Good idea.</AOL>

So, I assume that we need to come up with a formal proposal for the
addition of a mailing list... we should get together and form such
a proposal... how do you want to do so?  And is anyone else interested
in forming such a proposal?


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