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Re: Debian SGML/XML packages (was Package wanted: libxml-grove-perl)

On Monday 14 June 1999, at 18 h 53, the keyboard of Ardo van Rangelrooij 
<avrangel@flevonet.nl> wrote:

> All this made me think about putting together a web page listing all
> the current XML Perl modules, whether they are debianized and by who,

The list already exists: <http://www.perlxml.com/modules/perl-xml-modules.html>

It would be useful to have a Web page of all Debian XML tools and only them 
(at the present time, not much even in potato, but this is a reflection of the 
state of XML - I mean the technical state, not the marketing one).

> We could even extend this into a set of web pages listing all the SGML
> and XML packages (and even those that are not yet) available in Debian,

Yes. Any volunteer?

> Further, we could even setup a debian-sgml-xml mailing list to discuss 
> related issues.  

<AOL>Good idea.</AOL>

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