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Re: Kernel 2.2.9 and Iomege Zip drive

On Mon, Jun 14, 1999 at 10:25:29PM +0200 , Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> I remember to read a mail in this list that reported problems
> with Kernel 2.2.? and the ppa module.  Now I tried to compile
> 2.2.9 and in fact I have problems but can't find the solution
> in the archive.  Could someone enlighten me please?
> May be I can describe the problems with these words:
> # insmod ppa

try modprobe or manualy insert parport stuff (parport, parport_pc
should do it, I think)

> ./ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_unregister_device
> ./ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_enumerate
> ./ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_register_device
> ./ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_claim
> ./ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_release
> from .config file:
[mostly useless]

> Kind regards
>          Andreas.

				Petr Cech
Debian GNU/Linux maintainer - www.debian.{org,cz}

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