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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

>> "J" == Jor-el  <jorel@ibm.net> writes:

J> On 12 Jun 1999, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

J> I would love to search the archives, but as I mentioned in my note,
J> the search doesnt work, presently. So if anyone can send me links,
J> that would be appreciated.

Try dejanews, there is a one-way gateway to linux.debian.* groups

>> So why don't you just headers_remove and headers_add in the transport
>> that sends the mail to your ISP's MTA?

basically, lookup the definition of these transport options, take a
look at the lookup function and assemble it.

  driver = smtp                                                                 
  headers_remove = "sender:from"                                                
  headers_add = "Sender: ${lookup{$sender_ident}lsearch*{/etc/exim/addresses}\  
                  From: ${lookup{$sender_ident}lsearch*{/etc/exim/addresses}\   

With /etc/exim/addresses like

*	"Jor-el" <jorel@ibm.net>
jorel	"Jor-el" <jorel@ibm.net>
joe	"Joe Doe" <joe@somewhere.com>

This will take care of rewriting the From and Sender header. Now we
just have to also fix the SMTP Envelope

I just use 

  *@haitech.martin.home    martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de F

as the rewrite rule at the buttom of exim.conf


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